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Find your own path in Satakunta – West Coast Finland

VisitPori. Porin Eteläranta. Kuvaaja: Anssi Koskinen
Suomen kartta, Satakunta korostettuna.

Located in western Finland, Satakunta offers unique job and study opportunities for those who move to the region, particularly in fields such as technology, food industry, and healthcare. Situated on the coast, Satakunta provides intriguing employment prospects in maritime and logistics sectors, with Pori and Rauma being at the heart of these industries. Overall, Satakunta’s strategic location, natural resources, and vibrant industries make it an attractive destination for those seeking diverse opportunities to work or study in Finland.

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Discover the stories of international talents who have moved to Satakunta. In the videos, Anton Zander, who relocated to Rauma, and Anja Poberžnik, who moved to Pori, share their experiences regarding the relocation and employment in Satakunta.

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