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Employer, are you looking for skilled workforce? Learn more about international recruitment

This page provides information for employers in the region of Satakunta who are interested in recruiting international employees.

International recruitment

International recruitment helps ease an acute labour shortage and ensures a sufficient number of talented workers in situations in which domestic workforce cannot be found. International employees can be a significant resource for companies by enhancing their international expertise, language skills and competitive edge. At their best, multicultural teams boost a company’s cultural knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills. Diversity in the workplace is a great resource when seeking to understand the needs, negotiating culture and commercial practices of different clients.

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Suitable international talent can also be found from within Finland. Higher educational institutions throughout Finland annually graduate more than 3,000 foreign degree students in different fields, and many of them are looking to get a job in Finland and stay here after their studies. International recruitment generally requires more planning than domestic recruiting. Information and assistance is, however, available for all phases of the recruiting process.

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Work in Finland is a national service for companies operating in Finland that helps companies to locate international talent and enhance their international culture and diversity.

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Preparing for international recruitment

It is very important to prepare a company and its work community to receive international employees. By providing sufficient coaching, a company strengthens diversity management within the organisation, supports its work community and helps its foreign employees through the process of job induction and becoming a member of the work community.

New international employees and cultural differences can bring positive synergies to a company, but can also introduce uncertainty and communication issues. The foundations for positive interactions and a preliminary operating model are important for everyone and significantly support the new employee’s integration into the work community and society at large.


Learn more about the services

IMAGO coaching

IMAGO coaching is free of charge and provides information on how companies can stand out in the labour market, attract the right talent and strengthen their retention power when it comes to employees. The coaching strengthens understanding and develops recruiting competence, identification of company image strengths, a diverse company culture and an interesting employer image.

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Talent funding

Talent funding is intended for SMEs and midcaps seeking to improve the conditions for international growth by enabling them to establish supportive work, organisational and management practices and to recruit more international talent. The funding facilitates the improvement of the existing internationalisation abilities of company organisations while also increasing the internationalisation skills of their personnel.

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Mentoring programme on managing an international team

The mentoring programme on managing an international team helps you develop your company’s internal skills and competence to progress towards internationalisation. Discuss the following questions, among others, with your assigned mentor: What is leadership expertise within an internationalising world? Why and how do companies recruit international talent? How should a work community be led and supported through change? How does the internationalisation of the personnel boost the competitiveness of the company?

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Make use of the tailored training offered by educational institutions in Satakunta for the purpose of developing multicultural work communities:

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

The experts at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences train and coach work communities on issues related to multiculturalism and diversity. Contact information: Ilse Vogt, ilse.vogt (at)

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Read more about the Sataedu training for companies:

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Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova

Read more about education and training services provided by Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova:

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The international recruitment process and finding international talent

The international recruitment process often involves aspects that are unnecessary to consider when hiring domestic employees. Such aspects include, for example, different permit issues that must be handled prior to a foreign employee’s arrival in Finland.

Numerous public and private services are available to support companies in the successful implementation of international recruitment.

Kansainväliset työntekijät kättelevät. Satakunta.

Check out the international recruitment services for companies throughout Finland

International Recruitment Guide

The International Recruitment Guide provides a comprehensive and clear description of the entire process involved in international recruitment. The guide details essential issues that should be considered when recruiting talent from abroad.

Read the guide here

Information for employers from the Finnish Immigration Service

The website of the Finnish Immigration Service contains a comprehensive range of information, guidance, instructions and useful links concerning the employer’s obligations and role throughout the entire international recruitment process. The service provides real-time advice and guided routes to access the online services of different authorities.

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Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers

The Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for Employers is a one-stop shop for employers based in Finland who want to recruit international talent. The service specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the overall international recruitment process and matters involving various Finnish authorities. The service provides fast, up-to-date information about official processes, foreign employee recruitment, residence permits and issues related to settling in Finland. The national service for employers provides free advice on all phases of the international recruitment process. The service specialists are available weekdays 9 a.m.–3 p.m., tel. 0295 016 770 or send an email to

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European Employment Services (EURES) is a public European co-operation network that connects employers and jobseekers within Europe.  The recruitment process is made easier with the help of around 1,000 EURES advisers who are specialised in job recruiting and the European labour market. These advisers can also, when necessary, initiate the recruiting process in the target country. EURES assists in the movement of 50,000 employees from one country to another each year.

​​The free EURES services are available from local TE Offices. Contact the EURES advisers for Satakunta.

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Job Market Finland

You can publish an open job position for international talent at Job Market Finland and, at the same time, your ad will appear in the open job list on the Work in Finland website. Job Market Finland also offers additional information on the recruitment of international workers.

Information for recruiting international employees

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The TE-live broadcasts, which are similar to a TV show, offer you the chance to present job openings in a versatile and interesting way. The TE-live broadcasts can also be utilised for international recruitment.

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Contact the TE-Office advisers for the Satakunta region

Professional skills testing for the technology industry sector

The service for professional skills testing supports the recruitment of international professionals and specialists to the Finnish technology industries from EU and EEA countries. The main industry sectors include electronics and electrical industry, mechanical and metal products, metal processing, design and consulting, and information technology.

The overall service package for professional skills testing can include:

  • Job marketing and recruitment procedures in the country of departure
  • Identification of the professional competence of international jobseekers
  • Language, social and cultural training for experts to be recruited
  • Spouse/partner support
  • Coaching of the receiving work community

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Contact the local ELY Centre: Laura Koivisto, ELY Centre of Satakunta, laura.koivisto (at)

Recruiting training in the country of origin for the social welfare and health care sector in EU/EEA countries

The recruiting training in the country of origin for the social welfare and health care sector seeks, through a guided process, nursing assistants, practical nurses, nurses, doctors, dentists and specialists from EU/EEA countries to fill the needs of employers.

Recruiting training in the country of origin refers to training organised for experts recruited from abroad. The training includes familiarisation and orientation with the future workplace, working life, society and culture in Finland, and instruction in Finnish or Swedish with the aim of achieving the target level of language proficiency.

The service package can include:

  • Job marketing and recruitment procedures in the country of departure
  • Language, social and cultural training for experts to be recruited
  • Spouse/partner support
  • Coaching of the receiving work community
  • Costs of the legalisation process

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Contact the local ELY Centre: Laura Koivisto, ELY Centre of Satakunta, laura.koivisto (at)

Check out the international recruitment services for companies provided locally in Satakunta

International House Rauma

International House Rauma provides local companies with comprehensive guidance and advice regarding international recruitment. International House Rauma helps locate and recruit employees from abroad, provides information about the funding opportunities related to hiring international personnel, promotes co-operation between companies and educational institutions, gives guidance on where to get help to develop the receptivity of the work community, and supports the integration of hired workers into the community outside of the workplace.

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Contact information:

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Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova – working life services that promote internationalisation

WinNova’s working life services offer individual and flexible competence services that develop working life, also within international and internationalising working communities. WinNova contributes to international recruitment projects by helping to recruit the right talent to Finland. WinNova primarily seeks out talent from EU Member States through co-operation with EURES but also from third countries with the help of co-operative partners, such as human resource companies. WinNova also organises training in countries of origin (e.g., basics of the Finnish language, working life knowledge) and certifications, but also vocational degree training, usually in the form of apprenticeships. In this case, the degree language is Finnish.

“Workplace Finnish” language training can be ordered from WinNova. The aim of the Workplace Finnish training is to improve the capacity of employees to handle their work tasks and different communication situations in Finnish. Workplace Finnish is provided in different ways: Targeted Training (TäsmäKoulutus) is intended for foreign employees who are already working in Finland, Recruitment Training (RekryKoulutus) is for employees being recruited to Finland and Change Training (MuutosKoulutus) is for immigrants who are being dismissed. Share of costs covered by the TE administration: Recruitment Training 70%, Targeted Training 50-70%, Change Training 80%. The rest of the costs are covered by the employer.

WinNova provides English language training that is tailored to Finnish employees in accordance with the needs of their employers. The objective is to expand English language competence in internationalising work communities.

Further information and contacts



Sataedu helps companies with international recruitment by providing training for employees entering Finland, either within the country of origin or in Finland, and coaching for company management and entire work communities. The training is designed and carried out in accordance with company-specific needs.

Sataedu offers diverse training from short lectures to long projects and coaching programmes that last several years. Sataedu’s extensive experience and wide range of languages make it a highly trusted language education provider.

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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

Hundreds of international degree students study at SAMK. If you are interested in offering an internship or apprenticeship to international students from SAMK, contact the school’s company line: +358 (0)2 623 4800;

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SAMK: Project: Should I stay or should I go

SAMK is endeavouring to strengthen the job search skills of international degree students and to promote the recruitment skills of companies in the Satakunta region through the two-year project ‘Should I stay or should I go’. The project seeks to assist companies with their recruitment processes and provide more effective jobseeking guidance for international students at SAMK. The ultimate goal is to encourage employers to increasingly recruit international students and, thereby, persuade more international students to remain in Satakunta following graduation.

In addition to guidance and marketing measures, the project provides employers and international students in the Satakunta region with access to the recruitment and jobseeking service developed by SAMK. Finally, the project will compile the best practices related to both the guidance measures and Youragent service that can be transferred to all education organisations in the Satakunta region.

Project contact information:
Hanna Rissanen, Project Director

SAMK: Project: Welcome to Work!

The primary aim of the ‘Welcome to Work!’ project is to increase the recruiting of foreign students and professionals in the social and health care sector by small entrepreneurs in the Satakunta region. One important task is to increase language and cultural awareness as a means of facilitating the future employment of social and health care professionals originating from foreign countries. The goal is to make Satakunta a more attractive region for professionals in this sector. Another goal is to implement a common operating model, already during the project, for social and health care entrepreneurs and education organisations in Satakunta; to create paths to working life and to strengthen the skills and opportunities of entrepreneurs in the health and social services sector to work in a multicultural work community.

The result will be multicultural workplaces that are willing and eager to take international students for internships during their studies and, later on, as employees. This would ensure that, upon graduation, students would have a range of job opportunities in multicultural companies throughout Satakunta. The pulling power of the Satakunta region is growing. A model will be generated through the project that can also be utilised within the public sector. The project supports the well-being at work of entrepreneurs and international students within the social and health care sector. The project provides new areas of knowledge for companies and jobs for graduating students. All measures aim to increase competence and employability. The project seeks to find new solutions and operational methods, to promote internationalisation and to disseminate good models.

Project contact information:
Sari Lintukorpi, Project Director /

Private companies assisting in international recruitment

Human resource companies offer comprehensive services for the recruitment and integration of international workforce.

Finland’s private EURES members and partners are also available to help with international recruitment, also in Satakunta. Find them here.

Read Employment Industry Finland’s guidelines: Employment Industry guidelines on responsible recruitment of foreign employees

Supporting the integration process

In addition to the preparations for recruitment and the recruitment process itself, it is equally important to ensure that foreign employees receive the help they need to settle in Finland and their new municipality of residence. The aim of integration services is to help new foreign employees and their families to settle into the society and their new living environment in Finland. Successful integration is an important factor in terms of work satisfaction and employee retention. Private and public services are available to help with the integration process.

Mies ja poika istuvat nuotiolla. Satakunta.

National services

Course towards Finland service

International recruitment can be easy and smooth when you have the help of a relocation service professional. Such a service spares company resources and ensures that the entry of a new employee is as effortless as possible. The Course towards Finland project covers up to 80% of the relocation service costs of foreign employees and their families. The service is provided by Finland Relocation Services Ltd.

Check out the different service packages available

Workplace Finnish language training

The Workplace Finnish Training service improves the capacity of international personnel to manage their work tasks in Finnish. The language lessons focus on the professional vocabulary needed for work tasks and related communication and customer service situations as well as, for example, the company-specific occupational safety and induction material.

​​The content, duration and method of the training are tailored to the needs of the company and trainees. The training is suitable for companies of all sizes within both the private and public sectors.

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Contact your local ELY Centre: Olli Sipilä, ELY Centre of Satakunta, olli.sipilä (at)

Kielibuusti online language service

The Kielibuusti online portal provides information for those looking to improve their language skills as well as for employers working with international employees. The online portal boosts language awareness within the work community and provides concrete tools to help international employees learn Finnish or Swedish.

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Local services in Satakunta


MONIPORI serves international employees with matters related to living, working, studying and recreation. The service also provides help when dealing with authorities. MONIPORI can help with any daily issue or problem. MONIPORI’s service office and help-desk are located in Pori.

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International House Rauma

International House Rauma provides free help and assistance when looking to settle, work, study or enjoy recreation in the area of Rauma. The services are intended for all of Rauma’s international residents as well as those who are planning to move to Rauma.

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Ohjaamo Pori - One-Stop Guidance Center

Ohjaamo provides people under 30 years old with free guidance and assistance in matters related to work, studying and daily life.

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The Multicultural Association of Satakunta

Satakunta has its own Multicultural Association that serves as an expert on immigration and multicultural issues. The meeting point for the association, which is open to everyone, is located in Pori. The association provides a range of diverse group activities and events for all ages, family cafe events and Finnish language lessons. You can also get practical information on the culture and working life in Finland and get guidance on job searching or studying.

Check out the association’s website here.

International Professionals Finland

International Professionals Finland (InterProFinland) is an association that provides customised guidance and collaborative opportunities for international professionals.

Read more about International Professionals Finland here