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Study in Satakunta – find your profession & develop as an expert

In Satakunta, you can find a future profession and become an expert in your field. There are education options available for people of all ages and life stages. Additionally, there are numerous fields and opportunities to explore. Discover the diverse range of educational offerings in Satakunta.

Porin Yliopistokeskus, Satakunta

University Consortium of Pori

University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) is a centre of 1 400 students, 150 experts and two universities operating networked in a multi-science environment. The campus premises are located in the heart of the city in the historical cotton factory by the river Kokemäenjoki.

Universities and programmes

There are two universities that operate in the UCPori: Tampere University and University of Turku. Here you can find more information about the university units.

The university units at the UCPori offer the following programmes that are conducted in Finnish and lead to an academic degree:

  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Bachelor and Master of Social Science (BSocSc, MSSc)
  • Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, B.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.), M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.)
  • Bachelor and Master of Arts in Humanities (BA, MA)
  • Postgraduate studies towards a doctoral degree

UCPori university units are not offering bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in English right now. However, UCPori offers Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme, in which the courses are available in English. The concise group of UCPori (Erasmus) exchange students enables good integration with Finnish degree students and academic staff but also enjoying international atmosphere among exchange students of various cultures.

The curriculum is a combination of courses offered by Tampere University Pori Unit (Technology) and University of Turku School of Economics Pori Unit. The thematic emphasis is on the industrial engineering and management, marketing, business and entrepreneurship, and Information technology. Courses are master’s level studies and may require previous studies in the field concerned.

You can find the course selection from the Exchange Programme’s website.

Other forms of education

Most of the courses in Pori are available also as Open University courses. Open University studies are an excellent option if you want to strengthen or update your professional competence, increase your knowledge and skills, or if you are considering applying at a later date for a place on a degree programme.

You can find more information from the Open University websites:

University of Turku

Tampere University

You can also find more general information about the study programmes at the University of Turku website and Tampere University website.

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – SAMK

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – SAMK is one of the Finland’s top universities of applied sciences, with modern campuses on the West Coast of Finland, in the Satakunta region. SAMK as a multidisciplinary, internationally oriented university has approximately 6,700 students in 4 different faculties: Healthcare and Welfare, Logistics and Maritime Technology, Service Business, and Technology. Annually, we offer about 1,000 new study places in over 30 degree programs implemented as daytime studies, blended learning or completely online. We have 7 Bachelor’s and 4 Master’s Degree Programs conducted completely in English. Furthermore, we offer different types of continuing education, open university studies as well as summer courses.

SAMK is truly international with a wide international network. Every year SAMK attracts over 300 international degree and exchange students from almost 60 countries. SAMK has over 200 partner universities all over the world.

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SAMK is the only higher education institution in the region offering degree programs taught in English. Apart from English language studies, foreigners living in the region with sufficient Finnish language skills have the opportunity to apply for Finnish language degree programs as well. From SAMK you can graduate as a Physiotherapist, a Gerontologist, an Engineer, a Rehabilitation counsellor, a Visual Artist, a Sea Captain, a Bachelor of Hospitality Management, a Nurse, a Bachelor of Social Sciences, a Bachelor of Business Administration. Exchange students are also welcome to complete English language studies on different fields at a minimum length of one semester.

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Modern campuses

SAMK has four campuses in four different cities, that are all located in close proximity with water: by the sea, on the river bank or by the lake.

The SAMK Campus Pori is located in the city center of Pori. It is a future learning environment, a diversified campus, where you can study business, health care and social services, technology and tourism.

International business and trade, logistics and maritime management are taught in Rauma – these make up the Logistics and Maritime Technology faculty.

The Fine Arts Campus in the city of Kankaanpää offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts. Artists can specialize in painting, sculpting, graphic art or performative art. Even though most of the teaching is in Finnish, Fine Arts is an international field.

The Kuninkainen Campus in the city of Huittinen is the home of the popular adult education programs in e.g. Public Administration and the Legal Aspects of Business Administration. SAMK’s online education concept HILL was developed at this campus and the studying mostly happens online. Teaching in the Kuninkainen Campus is in Finnish.

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DIAKin opiskelijat Satakunnassa

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences - Diak

Diak is a national higher education institution with campuses across Finland: Helsinki, Pieksämäki, Pori and Oulu. In Pori campus we have around 400 students.

Diak is Finland’s largest provider of UAS-level education in social work. In the health and social care sector, it is the only national UAS offering education and services for workplace organisations across Finland. We offer degree programmes in nursing and social work also in English.

Diak also offers interpreting studies. It is the only Finnish UAS that offers education in public service interpreting.

Through its RDI activities, Diak participates in the regional, national and international development of its educational fields.

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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences - Diak

BA studies

Our Pori campus is located in the city centre within walking distance from the central bus and railway stations. In Pori we offer BA degrees in social services, health and diaconia. Our refurbished lecture halls provide a modern learning environment and technologies which enable us to offer remote access to our lectures from all our campuses across Finland. The Pori campus is next to the sports centre, which offers running tracks, tennis, swimming, ice-skating, bandy and ice-hockey at the home arena of Porin Ässät. The BA studies in Pori are conducted in Finnish. Our BA level studies in English take place in our Helsinki campus.

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MA studies

Our English Master degree programme in Global Change and Community Development is available entirely online. Read more here.

We also offer a variety of MA level programmes in Finnish. Take a look at the offering at Diak website.

Open UAS

Open UAS offers modules from the study module offering of Diak’s regular programmes. It is suitable for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds.In Pori we offer Open UAS studies in social services, health and diaconia. In addition, we offer Finnish language courses online.

See the offering.

DIAK:in opiskelijat Satakunnassa
Vaihto-opiskelija Satakunnassa


Sataedu provides vocational training and further education and training to strengthen professional skills. Sataedu operates locally, nationally and internationally. The language of instruction at Sataedu is Finnish. Each year, nearly 5 000 students study at Sataedu.

More information about Sataedu

Qualifications and studying at Sataedu

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova is a secondary vocational education provider (VET) for people of all ages, in or out of working life. Our qualifications correspond to EQF levels 4-5.

WinNova offers a wide variety of educational services, vocational and professional qualifications and short-term courses for different types of customers in Finnish. We work in close and long-term co-operation with companies and the public sector.

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Iloinen opiskelija Satakunnassa. WinNova Koulutus.

National SIMHE services for highly educated immigrants in Finland

The goal of SIMHE (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education) is to facilitate the accreditation and recognition of previously acquired competences of highly educated immigrants and individuals with a foreign background, as well as their guidance into higher education. SIMHE services are primarily aimed at highly educated immigrants already residing in Finland or those aspiring to pursue higher education.

Currently, there are 10 SIMHE responsible universities operating in Finland, offering free and open services to all immigrants residing in Finland, regardless of their place of residence. Unfortunately, the universities in the Satakunta region do not currently provide SIMHE services, but residents in the area can access SIMHE services through the other region’s universities, such as online platforms.

SIMHE guidance encompasses various aspects, including guidance on studying, career planning, as well as recognition of previously acquired competences and qualifications. Completing an entire degree is not always necessary when the person already holds a higher education degree from their home country.

Personalized and customer-oriented guidance is at the core of SIMHE activities, involving the assessment of the individual’s background and discussions about future plans. The aim is to help individuals recognize their own competences and strengths. Often, updating or complementing their skills through suitable study options is sufficient. Counseling and guidance are essential when individuals with a foreign background seek certainty regarding the value of their foreign qualifications in the Finnish education and employment sectors.

Each SIMHE responsible university presents its diverse range of services on their own websites. Contact information for SIMHE responsible universities can be found here, compiled in one place.

Watch a short introductory video about SIMHE services.

Toimistotyöntekijä Satakunnassa

Studying the Finnish language

There are several opportunities for studying the Finnish language in Satakunta. Finnish language studies in Satakunta are offered by, among others: