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Satakunta enhances the entire nation’s economic prosperity

The industrial and innovative region of Satakunta produces an export surplus, food and energy for other parts of Finland. Thus, in addition to its own region, Satakunta is enhancing the well-being of the entire nation. Satakunta is an open, export-driven and international industrial region in which companies trust and invest.

Interesting work tasks in a wide range of fields

Satakunta offers job opportunities in a variety of sectors. The strength of the region lies in its diverse business structure, which creates a large number of jobs in a wide range of industries. The vital and expansive working life in the region means that companies are looking for experts in many competence areas.

Development and innovative technologies are opening up new, fascinating work tasks and jobs in the food, energy and bioeconomy sectors as well as in the technology and maritime industries. Satakunta is a major producer of wellbeing and health services. All types of expertise for many different work tasks are and will be needed in the social and health care sector now and in the future.

The compact structure of the region translates into fast and flexible commutes to work. There are a great number of jobs available in Satakunta and studies show that Finland’s happiest people reside here. We welcome you to Satakunta to take advantage of the new opportunities and interesting jobs that await you!

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Are you interested in seasonal work in Satakunta?

Satakunta has a great deal of seasonal jobs on offer every year. Seasonal work refers to work carried out in the agricultural and tourism sectors at specific times of the year. Seasonal work can last a maximum of 9 out of 12 months. Seasonal work includes, for example, farming and horticulture work, forestry management work and tourism-related work.

Watch this video about seasonal work

More information about seasonal work is available from the website of the Finnish Immigration Service

Success factors and competence

Satakunta’s success factors include specialisation, a diverse business structure and internationality. Satakunta has distinguished itself, in particular, as an expert in the energy sector, industrial production and the food industry. Its competence generates new jobs and opportunities for the market. Two ports, an airport, railway connections and a highway network provide good logistical resources for businesses. Entrepreneurship is encouraged in Satakunta.

Satakunta is advancing the use of new energy and food technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics. The home base and innovation clusters for all of this are located on Finland’s western coastline.

Satakunnan osaamis- ja innovaatioklusterit:

Satakunta’s competence and innovation clusters:

  • Technology metal, mineral and battery cluster
  • Automation and robotics cluster
  • Energy cluster
  • Food industry cluster
  • Bioeconomy and circular economy
  • Maritime cluster and blue economy
  • Experience economy
  • Welfare economy
  • Safety and security of supply

Satakunta’s competence and innovation clusters

Battery Icon

Technology metal, mineral and battery cluster
The technology sector is thriving in Satakunta. Metal refining and machine and equipment manufacturing offer many types of attractive jobs in Satakunta. The maritime and mechanical engineering industry, as well as metal and electrical product manufacturing are also significant employers in the Satakunta region. The new battery plant being built in Satakunta will bring a significant number of new jobs to the region.

Robot Icon

Automation and robotics cluster
Satakunta is proud of the Robocoast. Satakunta is home to multiple companies whose expertise and ability to utilise automation, robotics and artificial intelligence is especially high, both in terms of Finland and international comparison. More than one hundred regional companies form a large automation and robotics cluster that provides numerous jobs. The core competencies of the Robocoast include robotics, automation, cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT and facial recognition technology.

Wind Power Icon

Energy cluster
Satakunta is the country’s largest electricity producer. A diverse range of energy options and know-how give the region’s industry a strong competitive edge and provide a wide variety of job opportunities. Companies in the Satakunta region also invest in renewable forms of energy.

Groceries Icon

Food industry cluster
The strength of food production in Satakunta is its diversity. Satakunta is home to several leading national food companies and the region has a long tradition in contract manufacturing. There is a solid demand in the international market for responsibly produced, safe and healthy food from Satakunta. Satakunta offers a wide range of diverse jobs in the food industry.

Recycle Icon

Bioeconomy and circular economy
Circular economy companies have advanced their operations by developing new types of competence and technologies, which have become strong export products for Satakunta. Satakunta is one of Finland’s strongest food regions and has a heavy concentration of food production and processing companies, with plenty of growth potential based on bioeconomy and circular economy. The large volume of industrial side streams can be utilised for economic benefit.

Wave Iconm

Maritime cluster and blue economy
Satakunta’s maritime and shipbuilding industries, as well as its large ports, are significant employers in the region. Blue economy refers to  the maritime industry, the maritime cluster, development of water expertise, groundwater, water protection, fisheries, water-related RDI activities, recreation, wellbeing services and tourism. Blue economy provides diverse job opportunities in Satakunta.

Culture Icon

Experience economy
Satakunta offers attractive tourism services and high-quality cultural services. High-class, internationally-recognised events are organised in the region and are important for the region’s economy. Creative industry companies offer interesting jobs throughout the region.

Heart in hands Icon

Welfare economy
Satakunta’s wellbeing and health technology competence creates new business opportunities and advanced services. The social service and health care sector is going strong in Satakunta. The number of jobs in the sector is high in both the public and private sectors. There are numerous employment and study opportunities within social services and health care in Satakunta. The ongoing development of the economy of wellbeing in the region generates significant employment possibilities.

Security Icon

Safety and security of supply
Satakunta’s strong role as a food region is a vital part of Finland’s security of supply. The region’s export-driven nature, significant energy production and the role of ports and logistics in supporting them offer a wide range of job opportunities in primary production, the energy sector and logistical aspects of rail and road transport.

Working in Finland and the Satakunta region

What type of residence and work permit will I need?

The website of the Finnish Immigration Service provides information about working in Finland and related permits, such as residence and work permits, tax issues and the arrival of family members in Finland.

Migri: Work in Finland

Migri: Coming to Finland for work

You can take care of nearly all your Finnish Immigration Service permit matters online at Enter Finland. The service will help you to complete the relevant application.

Are you a citizen of an EU country?

As a citizen of an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you can freely seek out work and work in Finland for a maximum of 3 months. Beyond this point, you will need to register your right of residence in Finland.

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Are you a citizen of a non-EU country?

Before you will be issued a residence permit to work in Finland, you will need to have a job in Finland.

The first residence permit must be applied for prior to your arrival in Finland.

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Work and the ground rules of working life in Finland

Finnish culture values honesty, punctuality and equality, and all of these are vital aspects of working life as well. The working culture involves rules and laws that every employer and employee must follow. Agreeing on matters in advance ensures that the work will be carried out in a safe and fair way. Different sectors have their own collective agreements that determine, for example, minimum salaries, working hours, holidays, pay during sick leave as well as the terms and conditions concerning termination.

In Finnish culture, it is highly important to abide by those matters that have been agreed. When something has been decided on together, both the employees and employers assume that everyone will do as agreed. It is also important to comply with set timetables in Finland. According to Finnish law, any type of discrimination in the workplace is forbidden. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the realisation of overall equality in the workplace.

Read more about the ground rules of working life:

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and here.

Finnish trade unions promote employee rights

Trade unions in Finland endeavour to improve issues related to working life, the realisation of equality, safety in the workplace and wellbeing at work. Most Finns of working age belong to a relevant trade union for their sector. Trade unions provide valuable information and advice on employment issues. They promote the rights of employees and provide a variety of training opportunities and recreational activities for their members.

Employees in a workplace who belong to a trade union can elect from among themselves a shop steward to represent them and the trade union within the workplace. The shop steward is a good resource for matters concerning, for example, the collective agreement. If necessary, the shop steward also serves as a negotiator, communicator and mediator between employees and the employer.

There are approximately 80 trade unions in Finland and they all belong to one of the three trade union confederations: Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK, Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK, and Akava – Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland.

Read more about the trade unions

The sectoral guidelines of the trade unions can be found on, among others, the following websites:

Nuori ulkomaalainen opiskelija Satakunnassa
TE-live is a TE Office service that produces live broadcasts online.

The broadcasts are very similar to a TV show and provide versatile and interesting information about jobs. TE-live gives you the opportunity to learn about employers, open job positions and training in the region of Satakunta.

You can view broadcasts and recordings here

Tip: Jobseeking, working and living in Finland

Check out the national TE-live broadcasts that provide information for international jobseekeers on arriving and settling in Finland, jobseeking and the national work culture. Every broadcast also features an international expert talking about their own career path in Finland.

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