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Ulkomaalainen nainen, kansainvälinen työ Satakunnassa.

The region of Satakunta, in Western Finland, is characterised by its ease of everyday living, unique natural environment and ability to nurture the wellbeing of its residents. Diverse services, a wide variety of work and education possibilities and inexpensive living costs ensure the foundations for a good life.

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Rauma, Satakunta. Kuvaaja: Elli Halonen
Työskentely Satakunnassa

The industrial and innovative region of Satakunta is an attractive place to work, as it offers a wide range of career opportunities in a wide range of fields. Satakunta is an open, export-driven and international industrial region in which companies trust and invest.

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Satakunta offers diverse educational options for people of all ages and life stages. There are comprehensive opportunities for international professionals to pursue studies in higher education institutions or in vocational education. Discover the diverse range of educational offerings in Satakunta.

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SAMK:n opiskelijat
Kansainvälinen ravintolan työntekijä Satakunnassa.

Satakunta provides assistance to international professionals who wish to work as entrepreneurs in the region. Support can be found through resources such as Enterprise Agency Enter in Pori. See the contact information for scheduling a business advisory appointment.

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Discover the stories of international talents who have moved to Satakunta. In the videos, Anton Zander, who relocated to Rauma, and Anja Poberžnik, who moved to Pori, share their experiences regarding the relocation and employment in Satakunta.

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