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Living in Satakunta – make your future in the region of possibilities

Finland is one of the world’s safest and cleanest countries in which to live and make a living. The region of Satakunta, in Western Finland, is characterised by its ease of everyday living, unique natural environment and ability to nurture the wellbeing of its residents. Diverse services, a wide variety of work and education possibilities and inexpensive living costs ensure the foundations for a good life.

Balancing work and free time – Quality of life in Satakunta Finland

The possibility to reconcile work, free time and family life generates quality of life and wellbeing. The eight-hour work days and free weekends common in many sectors in Finland make it possible to spend time with family and indulge in your own interests.

Quality of life in Satakunta is ensured through inexpensive living, short distances, diverse employment and education options, a wide range of hobbies and leisure activities, a rich cultural life and unique nature.

Satakunnan kartta

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We warmly welcome you to Satakunta!

The variety of living options and short distances mean that you can live comfortably in the cities or idyllic countryside villages, by the sea, a lake or a river, and within walking distance from the clean and unique natural environs of the region.

Finnish homes have all the necessary amenities, and anywhere in the region is a safe place to live.  You have the option of either renting or buying a home. Some employers will provide accommodation to employees as a fringe benefit.

When you move to your new home, you will need to sign an electricity agreement. You can ask advice about energy issues from any Finnish electricity company.

When signing a rental agreement, your landlord will nearly always require you to have valid home insurance. You can find more information about home insurance from the websites of Finnish insurance companies.

Checklist for immigrants

Residence permit / Right of residence registration for EU citizens

Matters concerning residence permits and the right of residence are processed in Finland by the Finnish Immigration Service. Find out here whether you need a residence permit in Finland. You can take care of nearly all your Finnish Immigration Service permit matters online at Enter Finland.

A comprehensive info packet on moving to Finland is available here.

Registration in the Population Information System and the right to a municipality of residence

When you move to Finland, your information will be saved in the Population Information System. Registration is done through the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

At the same time, you can find out whether you have the right to have a municipality of residence in Finland. Once you have a municipality of residence, you can use the diverse social welfare, health care, education and day care services offered by that municipality. Read more about it from InfoFinland’s website: Municipality of residence in Finland.

Please note that you will need to present official certificates to register your civil status and family relation information. You may need to have these certificates translated and legalised already in your home country. Read more about the legalisation of documents.

Finnish personal identity code

You will need a Finnish personal identity code for any dealings with authorities, banks and employers as well as when you are applying for benefits. The personal identity code is a means of identification that is more specific than a name. No two people can have the same personal identity code.

Personal identity codes can be acquired from:

  • Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Tax office
  • Finnish Immigration Service

Find out more about personal identity codes

Foreigner's ID card

An ID card is a document that you can use to prove your identity in different situations in Finland. ID cards for foreigners are issued by the Finnish police.

Read more about applying for an ID card

Bank account

You will need a bank account in order to manage your finances and receive wages from your employer.

The bank can grant you the right to access online services using personally valid online banking codes.

In addition to bank services, the online banking codes also enable you to handle official matters online with various authorities. Read more here.

Detailed instructions on opening a bank account can be found on the individual bank websites. More information about this is available from the websites of the following banks:

Nordea bank

OP bank

Tax card

In Finland, employees pay taxes on their wages and other forms of income. The taxation amount depends on the amount of your income. You will need to provide your employer with a Finnish tax card before you can receive your wages.

Further information on taxation and the process for ordering a tax card.

Social security

In Finland, the right to social security is primarily determined on the basis of an employment relationship or permanent residence. An employee entering an employment relationship in Finland will normally fall within the scope of Finland’s social security system.  When you move to Finland, you should apply for a Kela card from Kela.

More information about Finnish social security is available from the InfoFinland website: Finnish social security.

Health care services in Finland

If you have a permanent municipality of residence in Finland, you are entitled to use public health services. If you are not entitled to utilise public health services, you can purchase health services from private service providers, such as Terveystalo, Mehiläinen, Pihlajalinna.

Read more about the health care services.

Unemployment security

If you find yourself unemployed, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. In order to receive benefits, you must live permanently in Finland and be covered by the Finnish social security system. You must also register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office in your municipality of residence.

The TE Office provides guidance and assistance to jobseekers, information on open job positions and training for those who are unemployed.

TE Office of Satakunta

Further information about Finnish unemployment security.

For families

Maternity and child health clinics provide family support

Finnish maternity and child health services are recognised all over the world. For one hundred years, these services have provided a diverse range of health and counselling services to families. Your municipality of residence has its own maternity and child health clinics.

Find out more about child health services.

Does your child need a place in day care?

Early childhood education and care is part of the Finnish education system and a vital phase of a child’s growth and learning process. All preschool children are entitled to early childhood education and care, and these services are arranged locally. You can apply for day care from your municipality of residence.

School registration

Finland’s education system is excellent. The education system covers early childhood education, pre-primary education, basic education, upper secondary education and higher education. Pre-primary, basic and upper secondary education are provided free of charge. You will need to register your child for school in your municipality of residence.

Adult education is meant for adults and offers courses ranging from basic education to higher education.

Read more about the Finnish school system:

VisitPori, Kirjurinluoto merirosvolaiva, Anssi Koskinen

Recreational activities

Satakunta offers a wide range of experiences, hobbies and activities for those who enjoy culture, music and sports. You can check out the numerous events and activities taking place in the cities or have an adventure while exploring the diverse hiking routes outside of the cities. You can experience the unique nature of the region on land, sea, river, lake and rapids.

Here are some examples of fun sights and activities Satakunta has to offer

Mustikoita metsässä, Satakunta Suomi

Forests provide strength, peace and clean superfood

For Finns, the forests represent a place to relax and enjoy clean air and the true bounty nature has to offer. Many enjoy picking berries and gathering mushrooms or simply revelling in the quiet atmosphere of the surrounding forest. Spending time in the forest provides many mental and physical health benefits. Local forests have marked hiking and mountain biking routes with campfire pits and lean-tos. In the winter, you can ski on well-lit and maintained skiing tracks. Half of the Finnish population lives less than 200 metres from the forest. Living close to the forest is thought to be one reason why Finns are famously happy.

Adult education centres

Satakunta has several different adult education centres that offer hundreds of informal training courses for all ages. The course fees are very reasonable. The centres offer the chance for extracurricular studies in, for example, practical and artistic subjects, languages, exercise, data and communications technology, culture, music, history and natural sciences.

Adult education is offered in your own municipality of residence; here are some examples:

VisitPori Eteläranta Pori, Anssi Koskinen

Ask more - we’re here to help


MONIPORI serves international employees with matters related to living, working, studying and recreation. The service also provides help when dealing with authorities. MONIPORI can help with any daily issue or problem. MONIPORI’s service office and help-desk are located in Pori.

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Ohjaamo - One-Stop Guidance Center

Ohjaamo provides people under 30 years old with free guidance and assistance in matters related to work, studying and daily life. Whether you are looking for a place to study, to work or to live, Ohjaamo is here to help.

Find out more.

International House Rauma

International House Rauma provides free help and assistance when looking to settle, work, study or enjoy recreation in the area of Rauma. The services are intended for all of Rauma’s international residents as well as those who are planning to move to Rauma.

Learn more about the services here and here.

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The Multicultural Association of Satakunta

Satakunta has its own Multicultural Association that serves as an expert on immigration and multicultural issues. The meeting point for the association, which is open to everyone, is located in Pori. The association provides a range of diverse group activities and events for all ages, family cafe events and Finnish language lessons. You can also get practical information on the culture and working life in Finland and get guidance on job searching or studying.

Check out the activities for the whole family.

International Professionals Finland

International Professionals Finland (InterProFinland) is an association that provides customised guidance and collaborative opportunities for international professionals.

Read more about International Professionals Finland.